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How to get VidIq pro free 2021 | VidIq Vision for YouTube

Learn how to get VidIq pro account for free in 2021. VidIq premium chrome extension.

Today, you will be learning how you can get VidIq pro free in 2021.
The VidIq is a fantastic and efficient channel management tool/chrome extension Download the VidIq Chrome extension. With the help of VidIq, you can analyze your YouTube account and gather meaningful insights that help you make actionable decisions. More on this later, & for now let me show you how you can get VIdIq free upgrade.

How to get VidIq Premium for free process

With VidIq pro you can Create SEO friendly title, description and tags. Now i will discuss how to use VidIq pro for free.

Step -1. The first Step Goes to VidIq Landing page.

VidIq Landing page
VidIq Landing Page

To create VidIq premium free account. You go to the VidIq Pro landing page to click the below button. Then you see “Sign up with your Gogole Account” Click here for creating a VidIq premium account.


Step -2. Upgrade The VidIq account

vidiq upgrade
VidIq pricing page

After you complete your first step, you see the Upgrade button in the header click on it. This will be redirected you to the pricing page. Now select Service “Boost” and “3 channels”. After that click Buy Annual and Save $248.

Step -3 Add promo code

VidIq promo code
VidIq account setting page

Click on Have a Promo Code.

VidIq promo code - osi
VidIq promo code

Enter Promo code “osi”

Step -4 Fill up Your Payment Information (No Tension, It’s Full Free)

payment method
Payment Info

Your process is almost done! then you complete you final step to fill up payment information. You can also use Random credit card generator.

The VidIq only requires your payment information, not any charge money for this.

VidIq pro account
VidIq Upgrade account

Finally, you successfully created your VidIq premium account. Enjoy the premium subscription for Free.